Is Republic Square open?

No. Now that the site is accessible, a detailed assessment is underway to determine work necessary to re-open.

Can we retrieve items from our office?

Yes. Onsite security personnel and Boxer Property staff are managing retrievals with site access every Friday from 2 to 5 pm.

Did the building flooded?

Water impacted systems in the basement garage, but did not enter the first floor.

Is alternative office space available?

Boxer Property is providing temporary offices spaces around the city for tenants of Republic Square and offering special discounts up to 25%. Additionally, Third Palm Capital is working on a tenant incentive package once Republic Square reopens. Until the building reopens all rent at Republic Square will be abated. 

How long will Republic Square be closed?

The situation is being assessed, but it is currently anticipated that the process will take several months. National resources are on deck to expedite site clean-up and building repairs.

For more information: or 281.250.5765

September 29 update: Conditions are continuing to improve at Republic Square. While the building remains on generator power with temporary HVAC, the basement garage has been drained and sanitized. While the assessment of building infrastructure and equipment is still underway, the outlook continues to suggest a few months until it is fully operational.

If you still need to access your suite to obtain property, we are making the facility available for visits every Friday afternoon from 2 to 5 pm. If you have any questions, please call 713-777-RENT. Office opportunities are still available for those whom need to relocate temporarily, and there are incentives available on both sides. For assistance, contact Stephen Bell 

Thank you for your continued patience, support and cooperation as we work to get your home up and running – and better than ever – as quickly as possible. 

September 13 update: While Republic Square remains without power or water, a/c has been restored to the building thanks to temporary equipment, and the process of pumping water out of the basement garage is nearly complete. Access to mechanicals has allowed us to begin a detailed assessment of equipment damage, and at this time, it is anticipated that it will take several months to re-open given needed repairs. We will continue to keep you updated on that timeline. Until re-opening, all rent will be abated.

Supported by the building’s ongoing 24/7 security, tenants, employees and moving companies engaged by tenants have the option of removing belongings beginning today through September 19. Moving hours are weekdays from 1 until 4 pm. Boxer Property representatives will be on site during this time to continue assisting with temporary office needs.

Thank you for your continued patience and support. We are working tirelessly to have Republic Square operational as soon as possible.

September 8 update: While Republic Square remains closed until further notice, we expect to begin pumping out the basement and lower garage this weekend - a process anticipated to last through next week. We will follow up on Monday to let you know when you can safely access your suite to remove contents. We hope that option will be an opportunity by mid-week. Republic Square's operating equipment, which is located in the basement, will require an extended period of time to clean and then be assessed for damage. In the meantime, we are continuing to work with tenants for temporary relocation to other Boxer sites. Thank you for your continued patience and support.  Please know we are committed to keeping you informed as best we can.  We will be working tirelessly on your behalf to get things up and running as quickly as possible. 

September 7 update: Our thoughts remain with our tenants, neighbors and friends throughout Texas impacted by Harvey and those now in the path of Irma. We are very fortunate that throughout the storm - and resulting controlled reservoir releases – Republic Square I’s ground floor has remained dry. Although both the Addicks and Barker reservoirs have thankfully crested, with water in the garage and surrounding streets impassable, access to the property and the area is still restricted given safety concerns. We are now in the position to assist with limited retrieval of vital contents from individual suites. Tenants have been contacted with detailed instructions outlining this process, as well as options for short-term workspaces available until Republic Square reopens. September rent at Republic Square is being waived, and tenants that have already made payment will be reimbursed.

Over this heartbreaking week, and in the spirit of our namesake, the Texas Republic, we’ve seen our city and state shine in the face of adversity, while embracing its diversity, setting a global example of kindness and humanity. Given the location of Republic Square - near both Buffalo Bayou and the Addicks Reservoir - we are especially appreciative of the incredible outpouring of physical, financial and emotional support provided to our community, ensuring the immediate safety of the community as well as the rebirth of this vibrant area once the waters recede.

While Republic Square is outside of a flood zone and incorporates many beautiful acres of undeveloped land within our borders and in immediately adjacent areas, including Terry Hershey Park, for runoff and drainage, the previously unfathomable rainfall, water retention and significant releases from the reservoir have made access to the property all but impossible and unsafe.

Although we’re still assessing the situation at Republic Square, what we understand at this time is that water penetration has been limited to the basement garage and not entered the ground floor or any offices. We hope this is at least a minor relief in what we can only imagine are a multitude of personal impacts due to Harvey.

While the livelihood of tenants is a serious concern, so is safety, and we do not have the authority to assist in retrieval of belongings at this juncture, but are continually monitoring the site in an effort to identify that window with officials as soon as it opens. In the meantime, thanks to our partnership with Boxer Property, we are able to provide a number of temporary office space options around the city. Boxer will be discounting rents for Republic Square tenants up to 25% at those alternate locations, and in turn, Third Palm Capital will offer tenants an incentive package at Republic Square upon the re-opening of the building.

Our current status in the hands of The Corps of Engineers and Harris County Flood Control, which is projecting up to two more weeks of discharges, and less forgiving mother nature, who has graciously provided some sun. Third Palm Capital, however, is not leaving anything to chance or circumstance once full access is permitted. National resources have already been contracted, so that work to re-start building systems, clean, repair and ensure a healthy environment for the return of tenants happens as quickly as humanly possible.

Going forward, we will continue to update the new Harvey tab on the Republic Square website, along with Republic Square’s Facebook page.